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Package org.jscience.physics.model

Provides models for physical quantities.


Class Summary
HighEnergyModel This class represents the high-energy model.
NaturalModel This class represents the natural model.
PhysicalModel This abstract class represents a physical model.
QuantumModel This class represents the quantum model.
RelativisticModel This class represents the relativistic model.
StandardModel This class represents the standard model.

Package org.jscience.physics.model Description

Provides models for physical quantities.

The difference between models lies in the assumptions each makes and, in consequence,the operations each permits. For example, the summation of a length and a duration is not allowed by the standard model, but is quite valid in a relativistic context.

Models are context-local, allowing multiple models to be used concurrently. For example:

        try {
            RelativisticModel.select(); // Affects the current thread only.
        } finally {

The names and characteristics of the models are presented in the following table:

Model Class Defining Characteristics Default Output Units
Standard "StandardModel" per Système Internationale LengthmMasskgDurationsElectricCurrentATemperatureKAmountOfSubstancemolLuminousIntensitycd
Relativistic "RelativisticModel" 1 = c Length, DurationsMasseVElectricCurrentATemperatureKAmountOfSubstancemolLuminousIntensitycd
High-Energy "HighEnergyModel" 1 = c
   = k
   = ePlus
Length, DurationnsMass, TemperatureGeVElectricCurrent1/nsAmountOfSubstancemolLuminousIntensitycd
Quantum "QuantumModel" 1 = c
   = k
   = µ0
   = hBar
Length, Duration1/GeVMass, Temperature, ElectricCurrentGeVAmountOfSubstancemolLuminousIntensitycd
Natural "NaturalModel" 1 = c
   = k
   = µ0
   = hBar
   = G
Length, Mass, Duration, ElectricCurrent, Temperature: 1;  AmountOfSubstancemolLuminousIntensitycd

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